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I would 100% recommended Paul. I passed first time. It took me a while to get to this but Paul was patient with me. I was very nervous from day one and on the test day but Paul made jokes to make you feel more relaxed. His lessons were enjoyable and looking at my scorecard after my lesson allowed me to see what I needed to work on. I couldn’t have passed first time without your help, Thank you very much. 

Sophie Oakden 


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Thank you to Paul who was my driving instructor for over two years due to COVID-19, and taught me so many things about driving and making driving easier than I thought. He's kind, friendly, makes good jokes when I made an error. I really enjoyed the driving lessons and was looking forward to them every time. I passed first time, then did the motorway lesson and it's so much different than driving on a dual carriageway. So I would recommend having Paul as your instructor.

Owen Scutt  

Westbourne 28/04/2022

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Although I failed first time because of a judgement error largely due to nerves, I passed my practical test the second time with no faults at all! This was possible thanks to Paul’s excellent attention to detail. I think it is also worth mentioning that I never once felt scared during our lessons, as each lesson was adapted to my ability and progressed step-by-step. Paul gives clear instructions and detailed explanations based on his many years of driving experience. I now feel confident that I have the skills I need to be a safe driver.  

Frances Stuttard  

Emsworth 19/03/2022

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As well as being able to proudly say that I passed my driving test first time, I can also say that I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons I had with Paul. I was able to quickly become confident in my ability to drive through his detailed and instructive ways of teaching, and by the time the day of my test came around I felt completely prepared. We covered all areas of driving in a very reasonable space of time and this meant I was able to practice over these with the other sessions I had booked, making it was well worth the money, start to finish. A lot of appreciation and all my thanks to Paul!

Harvey D  

Emsworth 06/03/2022

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I would highly recommend Paul; he is an amazing driving instructor and I owe him a big thank you! Having previously taught my brother I knew the quality of his teaching was outstanding and was certain I wanted him as my instructor. Not only is Paul an expert in his profession, he is a lovely, patient person, who made my lessons thoroughly enjoyable - we had some good laughs! I would also recommend the motorway lesson Paul provides, as this was very informative and gave me the confidence to drive on the motorway on my own. So, in summary, a huge thank you to Paul, I couldn’t have passed without him!


Emsworth 15/02/2022

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I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Paul Reseigh for being the most amazing instructor. Its been a long road with lockdowns continually postponing my test, but I finally took my test and passed first time with only 2 minor faults! I never thought I was going to get there and I know I wouldn’t have done without Paul’s support and patience. Thank you again for taking me on as a student and for being an amazing friend too!

Charlotte Farren 

Emsworth 20/09/2021

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When I got told that Paul was the best, it was just speculation. However in the weeks following my first session I realised that Paul wasn’t apparently the best, he was the best. Paul gives nothing but everything in each session and even though sometimes he can get a bit agitated if you do what I did and accidentally carried on ignoring him however it was always in a nice way and he makes sure that he never made you feel bad or anything along those lines. Paul is the best and anyone who choses to go with him has made the best decision they could have.


- Passed first time with one driving fault


Daniel Lee-Bapty 

Emsworth 24/07/2021

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Paul was a very calm and funny driving instructor, also a great listener! He had some great teaching techniques, especially with parking! which helped me pass first time, even during a pandemic! I liked how Paul taught me to be a safe driver and not just to pass the exam, and I now feel like a very confident driver thanks to him!  He was very accommodating and would try and work around your schedule as much as possible. Thankyou Paul!



Southbourne 02/07/2021

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I was recommended Paul by a mate of mine, and I found him to be well worth the waiting time as he is an incredible teacher and is always able to explain any situation, and show the best way to get through them. Based on other people's comments about their instructors to me, it soon became clear that I made an excellent decision in choosing Paul as he always put my nerves at ease and I passed first time as a result of his teaching. Thank you Paul!


Ben Atkins 

Warblington 01/07/2021

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Paul was an amazing driving instructor who is great at what he does, he has a lot of patience with his students and he makes them achieve their maximum potential before taking their test. I passed first time with 1 driving fault.



Southbourne 27/06/2021

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Paul has been an amazing instructor that has proven himself well worth the waiting time. He's confident in his knowledge and is able to break down each situation to its base elements, clearly explain each Hazard, Manoeuvre or situation.The car Paul teaches in is very easy to you and comfortable. And after passing I found it very easy to swap to a larger car with out any problems.


I highly recommend Paul driving school, especially if you are  nervous about starting driving or have come from a poor instructor like myself.


Ewan Langford  

Emsworth 31/05/2021

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Paul is an excellent driving instructor, teaching at a very high level! Paul is a very calm and patient. His teaching methods are excellent as not only did I pass my test with him first time but everyone else I know that he has taught passed first time as well. Thank you so much Paul!


Ewan Maxwell  

Horndean 08/05/2021

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Paul has been an amazing driving instructor. His lessons were well-paced and enjoyable. I got on really well with his teaching style and he was always punctual. Receiving feedback on my scorecard after every lesson allowed me to see my progress and identify areas needing improvement. Paul developed my driving skills to a very high standard and hence I passed first time. By the time I completed all my lessons, I felt ready for not only my test, but ready and confident to driving on my own. I would highly recommend him to anyone who lives locally and is looking to learn to drive.


Emily Parker  

Hambrook 29/04/2021

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I found Paul while looking for quality driving instructors local to me. After the first lesson I knew he would set me up, not only to pass the test, but to be a safe driver for life. His methods are certainly perfectionist, but thats what makes his lessons so good, I never forgot anything he taught me meaning I was always improving while enjoying lessons too. He got me to pass first time and that is not only down to his great way of teaching, but also largely his dedication outside of lessons, to effectively quash any of my queries about driving, especially in the run up to my test when I was nervous.

Archie Lyne  

Westbourne 24/12/2020

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I couldn’t recommend Paul enough he has been a brilliant person to learn with. The way he teaches is very clear and I found him so easy to get on with, he was never late, his teaching materials are so helpful gives you a scorecard which is good to look back on after lesson to see where you need to improve. I passed first time with no minors. If you live local then I would recommend booking in with him. 

Josh Mclachlan 

Nutbourne 20/12/2020

I started with Paul after my brother passed with him and now I passed first time. I am extremely happy with Paul’s teaching methods and how he has now taught me to drive safely for the rest of my life rather that getting me to pass my test as soon as possible. There is constant feedback done by a scorecard to show progress and I never felt he was rushing the learning or dragging it out. Overall I am extremely pleased with my experience with Paul and would recommend to anyone learning to drive near the area.

Mia Ferneaux

Emsworth 20/10/2020

I found Paul when I was looking for nearby instructors and he really stood out, with all of his amazing reviews and professional website. As well as this Paul has also taught many of my friends and I’ve also recommended friends to start with him. Paul has been an outstanding driving instructor for the whole whole time that I’ve been learning with him, with an affordable first 5 hours to get you started and great bulk lesson prices. Would really recommend to anyone looking to start lessons as he’s the top guy and got me passed first time. 

Josh Hollingsworth

Southbourne 07/10/2020

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Paul for getting me over the finishing line and teaching me to drive. I was very nervous about being on the roads, and felt more like I "had" to drive rather than "wanting" to drive. But Paul made it an enjoyable experience from start to finish. My friend recommended Paul to me and I'm glad she did - because whilst I can only compare him to a few hours I had with another instructor many years ago, and the experience of my friends with their instructors, I can confidently say that his teaching is far above the rest. After my first lesson with Paul, it was apparent that he really cares about his students and the experience they have in the car, and is mindful that not everyone learns in the same way. His teaching is thorough and clear as a result.


So I highly recommend Paul not only for his professionalism, but also for his patience and kindness. We had many laughs on the road, and it was a joy getting to know him. His waiting list is always very long - which is a testament in itself - so get in there quick. You will not regret it.

Molly Evans

Southsea 25/09/2020

I would recommend Paul as a driving instructor for his knowledge and expertise - he helped me pass the first time and gave me the confidence to drive on my own. Thank you Paul

Ryan Gaudion

Horndean 25/09/2020

Paul has been a fun and fantastic driving instructor who helped me pass first time! I would happily recommend Paul to anybody who is looking to learn not only how to pass their driving test, but how to drive safely on all different types of roads and situations you may face on the road. I am so glad I picked Paul for his knowledge and understanding of the roads, I now feel comfortable driving anywhere. Once again thank you Paul!

Ryan Castle

Horndean 10/09/2020

Paul has been a great driving instructor who gave me not only the knowledge and training of how to pass my test, but also how to drive safely and responsibly on my own. I’m so pleased that he was my choice of driving instructor and would highly recommend him.

Joseph Farrington

Nutbourne 04/09/2020

Paul has been an outstanding driving instructor throughout my time learning with him, and he has taught me how to be a safe and responsible driver for life! His fantastic method allowed me to pass first time, I highly recommend any new drivers to learn with him.

Oliver Langdown

Emsworth 10/03/2020

I am pleased to say I have passed my driving test first time due to Paul’s amazing teaching ability. I found his lessons enjoyable, his method of Teaching has been concise, clear and very informative. I would recommend lessons with Paul!

Ollie Evans

Warblington 25/02/2020

Paul delivers a perfect balance of natural teaching skills and advanced driving knowledge. During my learning experience I felt supported and safe. Paul instinctively understood which skills I needed to build on or where I needed to gain confidence. As we progressed I learned how to adapt my driving to suit different road conditions and to drive with a positive, assertive attitude.


Thanks to Paul I passed my practical first time. More importantly, with his help I believe I have developed an awareness and attitude on the road that will keep me, my passengers and other road users safe as I begin my driving career. I can’t recommend his services more highly.

Morgan Williams

Emsworth 20/09/2019

Paul has been an outstanding instructor during my 6 months learning to drive. With no prior experience driving, Paul has coached, mentored and supported me through my weekly highs and lows of driving!  He was very methodical in his teaching practices which ensured that I was well briefed and ready to tackle any situation that came my way! Paul has a great and flexible approach when it comes to accommodating changing appointments. It was his teaching methods which made me well prepared for my driving test and it was what allowed me to pass with zero driving faults!  I would highly recommend Paul to any new drivers

Olivia Shaw

Denvilles 20/09/2019

Paul is a lovely man, really welcoming! Great driving instructor, passed 1st time with him. Would highly recommend!

Jenna James

West Ashling 04/09/2019

Throughout my experience learning to drive, Paul has been both professional and supportive from the start. Starting with no experience driving, I felt safe from day one, with Paul explaining that his aim was to teach me to drive safely, not just well enough to pass the test. Having now passed my practical test I feel confident saying that Paul has taught me not only how to pass a test but the skills to drive safely on the roads for the rest of my life. Paul’s lesson structure is easy to follow and really helpful in seeing progress. Not once throughout my lessons have I felt unsure about what I should be doing as his briefings were always very clear. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for driving lessons.

Dan Kirwan

Emsworth 15/07/2019

I am so glad that I have passed my practical driving test today and I would like to thank my driving instructor Mr. Paul for his support and training. Mr. Paul was very professional and patient throughout my driving lessons. He is also a nice and friendly person. I would definitely recommend Paul to new learners.

Nisakumari Gurung

Baker Barracks Thorney Island 18/05/2019

Paul is a brilliant driving instructor, and he has helped me learn to drive even with my anxiety. I was very nervous on day one, and I was the same on test day too, but I had been taught everything I needed to know for the test, and on the second attempt I passed. I want to say thank you for everything Paul, you have helped me build up my knowledge and pass my test.

Callum Stephens

Horndean 25/04/2019

I would highly recommend driving lessons with Paul. Starting with no experience, I was quickly made to feel at ease and comfortable in the driving seat. The lessons were well structured, allowing me to progress gradually, building on the skills learnt each week. This meant I was not overwhelmed but felt secure before facing new challenges. Paul made sure we covered all the areas of driving, not only for the test but to be a safe driver. When it was time to take my test I felt confident in my ability, helping me to feel calm on the day as I knew I was well prepared. I could not have passed first time without his help!

Lucy Clark

Hambrook 30/03/2019

Paul is a very professional instructor in every aspect of driving and safety. I am a mature driver, and was nervous, but he gave me a lot of confidence, and I am pleased to say that I passed first time !

Sandra Orsmond

Havant 11/02/2019

I’d like to say thank-you to Paul. I recommend him 120% for helping to do my best and to achieve everything. I learnt you have got to remember everyone has bad lessons, but you go again the next lesson. I had a really bad hours drive just before my test, and I didn’t expect to pass when I was being that bad, but I went out and smashed it because Paul motivated me before I went in and he made me believe I can turn it around and smash it. You just have to remember everyone has a bad lesson, you just go again and Paul will help you learn everything you need to. Thanks Paul, now it’s time to be safe on the road myself 🚙🚙

Peter Walton

Waterlooville 09/08/2018

Paul is a great driving instructor. My first and only instructor. On my first lesson, Paul said to me he would not be teaching me how to pass my test but to drive safely, this is exactly what he did. I can honestly say from my personal experience, Paul approaches every aspect of driving in the best possible manor. Before anything, there is always a prior briefing which helps you understand what you're about to practise and be able to perform it safely. I personally think that is a great way of learning as you approach the situation knowledgeable rather than blinded. When something goes slightly wrong (as it always does learning something new) he doesn't raise his voice or put you down, he simply talks over the situation and helps you understand where you went wrong and how to avoid it in the future. Not only is he great instructor, he is also a laugh and makes every lesson end with a smile. What more could you want? Once you've completed your lessons and passed your test. He does provide a motorway lesson which from my experience i completely recommend to do so! It's beneficial and worth every penny. Many people say driving on the motorway is the same as driving on a dual carriage way but from my experience, I can ensure you it is not. Paul is just amazing and I 100% recommend him just like I did to 2 of my friends who both have found him amazing too. 

Megan Penaluna

Petersfield 10/05/2018

After 2 years of many different driving teachers and countless attempts of giving up, my friend gave me Paul's number and in my last attempt of trying, I called him and arranged lessons. Paul has not only taught me how to drive but he has showed me how to drive safely and with awareness and planning. All of the lessons I had, I left feeling confident and i really felt i was making a drastic improvement. I finally passed my driving test 1st time after 4 months of lessons with Paul. Paul has given me confidence and hope and really believed in me since our first lesson I seriously couldn't of done it without him he truly is an amazing driving teacher and I strongly recommend him.

Rebecca Casabianca

Petersfield 03/05/2018

​Could not recommend Paul enough, especially in light of hearing what a lot of my friends had to go through with over-expensive and unreliable driving instructors with rather questionable or lack of teaching methods. Paul is very good at what he does and I will be sure to turn any learner drivers his way without hesitation (in fact have booked my partner in with Paul to start driving lessons). I Recently had a motorway driving lesson with Paul after I passed my test; this is something that I would strongly recommend and is absolutely worth every penny. It was a lovely way to round off our driving lessons and I came out of it more a more confident driver.

Divya Saseendran

Portsmouth 22/04/18

​I really can't recommend Paul enough. I was very nervous as I had had a couple of other driving instructors in the past but paul put me at ease straight away and gave me the confidence I needed to pass first time. Paul has many years or driving experience and extensive knowledge in his field. Paul knows how to teach you as an individual to the highest standard. I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone!

Katie Peers

Thorney Island 16/03/2018

I learnt to drive with Paul after being quite anxious to get on the road, Paul put me at ease and my confidence grew. And here I am now on the road passed second time and couldn’t be more appreciative for his time and patience. Thanks Paul.

Chris McNair

Portsmouth 19/02/2018

Paul is a fantastic driving instructor, with an extensive knowledge in this industry. He made me feel safe, confident and reassured during the time he taught me. I can't thank Paul enough for all of his help and patience, as I wouldn't have done it without him! I would recommend Paul in the future.

Amy Gyan

Waterlooville 19/02/2018

I am very thankful to paul for what he taught me in order to pass my test 1st time with only 2 minors. He is a very experienced and extremely professional in his work. I would recommend paul to any keen beginner out there as long as you are someone who listens and can take constructive feedback. One of the best things I liked about Paul is that he is honest, which is what helped me improve and successfully pass my test.

Harley Redman

Southbourne 03/02/2018

Paul is a great instructor who helped me feel safe and comfortable in a car. As soon as you are ready to do your test he will tell you. His experience is unmatched by his competitors. Thanks to Paul, I passed first time!

Jack Fisk

Emsworth 27/01/2018

I passed my test first time after taking lessons with Paul since June 2017. After looking online I chose to learn with him because of his background and experience. I found Paul to be a friendly, easy going instructor and enjoyed my lessons with him, I also felt very confident in the car and never felt any pressure. I’d definitely recommend Paul to anybody learning to drive, he taught me to be a safe driver and I now feel ready and confident to drive on all roads!

Anna Law

Denmead 15/12/2017

Paul was recommended to me by my partner and his brother who both past their driving test first time. I was really nervous to start, but Paul was lovely and put me at ease. The knowledge I learnt and the driving skills I have been taught have been amazing...I passed first time yesterday using the
new driving test. I'am so so happy, I appreciate all Paul has helped me with and I couldn't recommend him enough if anyone is looking to start their Driving lessons!

Melissa Watton

Portsmouth 07/12/2017

I have just recently passed my test with paul which i am so happy about! I have held my full uk motorcycles license for about 10 years now and been on bikes for over 13 years, which is a long time. It's all ive ever known so as you can imagine, getting into a car was a completely different world to what i was used to. Learning to drive was also a very nervous and scary world because although i had the road experience, I didn't have the spacial awareness required to drive. I had been on my own for 10 years and i had found myself with my own habbits and what i thought was right, wasnt always correct. Paul helped me with all that. He not only helped me to remember what was correct, he also helped me with my confidence when driving. I dont think there is one thing that i can complain about if im honest, as even when things got hard for me, he never once got angry or frustrated. His time keeping was amazing, not once was he late for a lesson. We had some good laughs as we completed the lessons, which will help me in the future so I just want to say thank-you to Paul for sticking with me believing in me. Paul did not once give up on me when things were difficult and i would recommend paul to any of my friends or family.

Wayne Fitzgerald

Waterlooville 28/11/2017

I had failed my driving test twice previously with a different instructor. I was recommended Paul by a close friend and from the off Paul was nothing but professional in his approach to driving, teaching and safety. Paul holds the highest standard of safe driving and is so easy to get along with and easily makes you feel comfortable behind the wheel, that paired with his years of driving knowledge, experience and great teaching techniques lead to me passing first time with him. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone that wants to gain Great understanding and learn the skills necessary to drive safely and confidently for the rest of their life.

Alfie Sutton

Portsmouth 23/08/2017

​Throughout my driving lessons with Paul i've always felt comfortable and I have been able to learn at a surprisingly fast rate due to his teaching abilities. I helped him out by being the pupil for his check test of which he got an A, and he helped me out by showing me how to be a safe confident driver on the road whilst being able to pass my practical test.

Tommy Walters

Cowplain 05/07/2017

​Very grateful to paul for what he taught me in order to pass my test 1st time. If your willing to listen and put the effort in then paul is the ideal driving instructor to have. Very experienced and very professional in his work. He always makes himself very clear in what he asks of you in order to keep improving. Would HIGHLY recommend paul to any keen beginner out there.

Lee Cook

Portsmouth 20/06/2017

Paul is a brilliant instructor made me feel comfortable and safe. Professional and reliable

Lloyd Jones

Portsmouth 12/06/2017

I came to Paul after being with a different instructor and started from scratch as I wasn't confident with driving at all, he helped to boost my confidence and taught me to drive in a very safe and professional manner. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who is learning to drive. Very easy to talk to and will make you feel at ease. Thank you for all your help!

Tiffany Franks

Cowplain 08/06/2017

I had several instructors before moving to Paul and I can say honestly that he has been by far the best one. Paul is extremely knowledgeable with a vast amount of experience; because of this I felt like a much more competent driver. He's very easy to have a laugh with and makes learning to drive an enjoyable experience. On top of this his standard of teaching is exceptional (and i'm a school teacher) and you always know where you have done well and where you can improve. I passed first time, thank you so much Paul!


Portsmouth 23/02/2017

 I needed to get my driving licence to allow me to drive to my University in Kent ,and had a whole summer to get a license. Paul Reseigh taught me to do just that, teaching me the basics before guiding me to drive on busier roads, he taught me how to be safe confident driver on all types of  roads and in all different situations , I was confident because of his guidance. I was able to pass my Driving test first time because I followed his advice and the way he gave instructions was clear. and precise ! He also taught me how to drive on the Motorway after i had passed my test  and was very specific on what I should do. A week after my Motorway  lesson I had to drive to Central London via the M25 (which is the busiest motorway in the UK) and I simply remembered and applied his advice and I was confident doing so even though it was my first time. I am grateful to have had  him as my Driving Instructor. Paul also taught both my Parents before me ! when they arrived from the Philippines

Kyle Magoncia

Bordon 04/12/2016

I started my lessons with Paul beginning of 2016 and I have just recently passed my test, well October 5th to be precise. I had previously been with other well-known driving schools which I won’t name however after 1 year I was still not test ready. I started from scratch with Paul mainly because I had been taught previously in a shocking way. I learnt to drive with Paul firstly around Cowplain and Horndean the quieter estates and then Chichester where I took my test. Learning in Chichester was great for me as there’s a little bit of everything so you’re generally prepared for most circumstances once you pass your test.   You have one way systems, Gyratory system, countless traffic lights, stop junctions, rail road crossings, pedestrian crossing, dual carriage ways, country roads and an insane number of roundabouts, however this really does prepare you well for after you pass, it also builds your confidence as a new driver too, as does Paul. He is a great teacher even for people with no road confidence like I was.   He has never cancelled a lesson on me always turned up on time, even picked me up from work on many occasions for a lesson, he’s very flexible with his time which I appreciated with the hours I work. I actually failed my first driving test but this was down to me being nervous as hell, I failed my test but had a clean sheet apart from one serious fault which shows the standard I had been taught (a high standard) My serious fault was going up on the curb whilst doing a reverse around a corner however in my defence that was a very low curb. Second test I passed I was much calmer due to knowing what to expect. I had a lesson before the test which Paul let me go over certain things that I was unsure of. If you’re looking at this page I definitely recommend Paul as a driving instructor because even I passed my test and I was possibly the most spatially unaware person known to man….Not anymore. So Good luck with your lessons and enjoy!

Nickki Harrison

Portsmouth 14/10/2016

I decided to learn with Paul after he taught my boyfriend and 2 of his family members, he came highly recommended. I would too highly recommend Paul as he teaches to a very high standard. I was not very confident at all when I started and Paul was very patient and put me at ease straight away and I enjoyed all of my lessons.

Sophie Heard

Petersfield 04/06/2016

From the first lesson, Paul explained that he would not be teaching me to pass my test, but to be a safe, competent and attentive driver. His approach was absolutely spot on and meant that by the time I came to take my test, I was confident that I could deal with anything the roads could throw at me. I have previously had numerous lessons with other driving instructors and always felt I was making little progress, despite being told I was doing really well. My experience with Paul was completely different - whilst he always praised good driving, he also immediately addressed any mistakes, no matter how small and made sure that the reasons behind those mistakes were clear to me. This really boosted my own confidence as I felt that after each lesson I had made progress and tackled something new. I had a number of bad drives which sometimes knocked my confidence, but Paul was always quick to put those mistakes in the past and concentrate on the improvements I was making. Overall, I would recommend Paul without hesitation. I never thought I would pass my test first time, but with Paul's expert tuition and support, I did just that! Thanks Paul!


Cowplain 07/02/2016

What a fantastic teacher, I highly recommend Paul , I passed first time with no faults ! Fantastic teaching skills , approachable manner, felt calm and relaxed from the first lesson , lessons were always enjoyable and fun, thank you so much Paul.


Portsmouth 29/01/2016

Without a doubt I would recommend Paul to anyone starting driving lessons and are very glad I chose him as my instructor. His professional yet easy going style of teaching meant lessons were always not just enjoyable, but also rewarding; as time progressed my driving got better and thanks to Paul I was able to pass my test with 3 minors. Paul on my lessons would aim to improve my weaknesses and always had patience if I found something challenging! He taught me not only to drive, but be a safe driver which is important and made passing my test easier. I began lessons in February 2015 never having driven before and now have passed, thanks to him.

Amber Betts-Hall

Clanfield 18/01/2016

Having had a previous bad experience with another driving instructor, I really wasn't feeling happy when it came to learning to drive. I was then passed Paul's number by a family friend, so I then got in touch with Paul; who luckily just had enough time to take me on! Paul's lovely manor and friendly attitude made learning to drive a fantastic experience. With all the support and help from Paul it enabled me to feel confident behind the wheel and.... pass my test first time! I couldn't be thankful enough to Paul as I couldn't of done it without him. I have recommended him to a few of my friends and will continue to do so in the future

Emily Morgan

Waterlooville 24/12/2015

Paul is an absolutely brilliant driving instructor. He is a thorough teacher who makes sure that you have the skills to not only drive but to also be a safe and confident driver. Paul is always professional and supportive. He is friendly and has a good sense of humour, putting any student's mind at ease. On his lessons he is fair, patient and always quick to identify and correct any driving faults. I passed my driving test first time and so did my brother, who was also taught by Paul. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn to drive!

Alice Carter

Portsmouth 02/11/2015

I started driving with ‘Professional Training Service’ in October 2014, and I passed in September 2015. The way Paul teaches his students ensures that safety is first; therefore you learn how to drive safely, not just how to pass your test. Paul provides a relaxed environment when behind the wheel, he is also friendly to the point that it is not a stressful learning environment, instead is more causal. During the event that you make a mistake in your lessons, Paul will always pull you over and discuss where you went wrong and correct the problem. Paul was very flexible, occasionally having to work around college timetable and work hours. Now I have passed my test, I feel very comfortable behind the wheel and constantly deal with the never ending challenges that come with driving. I always felt that my money was being well spent, and I feel the lessons made the most out of their duration. I would definitely recommend ‘Professional Training Service’, however as he is a private instructor, it does become difficult to get weekly lessons, as his timetable can be quite full.


Cowplain 30/09/2015

I started driving with Paul in June 2014 and I would not recommend anyone else as a driving instructor! I have been with a few other driving schools in the past and none compare to him. I have also taken previous tests that I was so very clearly unprepared for! Paul has given the confidence to be a good driver and understand the roads. I have always feared round abouts and had a sense of panic when approaching these but, Paul worked with me keeping me calm and helping me understand them, enabling me to feel confident on the roads! Thank you will never be enough to express my gratitude to you Paul and I'm sure my parents and boyfriend would say the same.


Portsmouth 15/02/2015

I thought all my lessons with Paul Reseigh were excellent. Paul was very patient, friendly, professional and was always well prepared for each lesson. He taught me to be a very safe driver, all lessons were taught calmly, throughly and safely. He knew when I was ready to move to the next stage of driving and made me feel confident about every drive and maneuver. My confidence grew with each lesson. I would like to thank Paul for teaching me to be a safe driver and for helping me pass my driving test first time with only 4 minors and am very much looking forward to doing my Pass Plus. Paul is also teaching my younger brother to drive and would highly recommend him to all my friends that would like to learn to be a confident and safe driver.

Jo Boyd

Cowplain 17/10/2014

Paul is a fantastic instructor, he is a professional at what he does. I started lessons last year and i have just recently passed this year first time. Through out the year Paul has been very patient and supportive whilst doing driving lessons. He will always answer your questions or concerns you have about your driving . He carefully plans your lesson depending on what you need to work on so your always improving. Paul is very friendly with a sense of humor which was helpful because is makes you feel more at ease and confident which made lessons more enjoyable. Would recommend Paul Reseigh to anyone!

Chris Howsley

Portsmouth 25/05/2014

Being dyslexic has alway impacted my learning and I was concerned that it would effect the way I learnt to drive as I can get very confused. Paul adapted his teaching style to suit me and always found ways to help me understand. I worked very hard in my driving lessons and didn't find it easy but Paul always made them fun and interesting. We drove all over, to places such as the Hindhead Tunnel and the back roads to Chichester. Paul always spent time working with me on certain manoeuvres that I was concerned about, he was never late and always turned up. I passed my driving test first time with only three minors and I look forward to my motorway lesson.

Holly Turner

Horndean 14/04/2014

Paul was excellent, he taught everything calmly and with great clarity, I never felt unsure about what I was learning and once I was taken onto the main roads I was confident in my ability to drive, I didn't feel nervous about anything that happened during any of the lessons because Paul covered everything that would come up before it did. Paul was also very friendly, and would happily have a nice conversation with me every lesson, sharing stories from his memories in all his years of driving experience. I personally recommended Paul to my friends multiple times whilst learning because I truly believe that Paul is just a cut above any other driving instructor I have heard about. I passed my Theory and Practical Tests first time on both, and only had two minors in my practical test, both me and my parents were very happy with these results.

Aaron Barton

Lovedean 17/02/2014

Paul has been a fantastic instructor, he teaches you to drive properly and calmly, any worries or fears vanish under pauls instruction, on my test i got 7 minors 3 of which paul had corrected me on already. You would be missing a great opportunity not to learn to drive with him.

Scott Randall

Lovedean 11/01/2014

I decided to start my lessons with Paul when I was 17 because of how well he was reviewed in all of his testimonials. With the aim of becoming a Police Officer, becoming a confident and safe driver was very important to me. After just a few lessons with him I realised that I was correct in making this decision as his professionalism and teaching skills were absolutely superb. He assessed my driving every lesson and built me up in stages to the more challenging roads, whereas I knew other instructors would not have done this. One thing that I did really like was how Paul always tried to build you up as a safe and confident driver, rather than rushing you. This way I was able to pass my test first time with only one minor rather than fail multiple times. Paul's Incredibly friendly and has lots of experience in the driving industry; and this really does help to build you up as a safe, confident driver. He assesses you each time so that he can focus on your areas of weakness on your next lesson and will not stop teaching you in a certain area until you are 100% confident with it. Paul has been a massive help to me and I doubt I would be as confident driving today without him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone as an instructor and as a friend. He is the only driving instructor YOU will ever need!

Jake Dilley

Portsmouth 12/11/2013

Paul is without doubt one of the best driving instructors out there. I knew about him through word of mouth and would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn not just driving but safe driving. He taught me the skills to be a safe driver and made sure that I will be a safe driver after passing my practical test. He certainly gives you courage and confidence in your ability by picking up your weak points immediately and correcting them. Paul is very patient, strict (but fair), encouraging and makes every lesson enjoyable.

Kenny Charles

Petesfield 18/10/2013

I passed first time. Paul is great professional instructor. He not only teaches you how to Pass your test, but how to be a safe driver. He's also a nice person: friendly, patient and with a sense of humour.  He is never ill, never late, always helps if you need to rebook your lesson or get an additional one. I would recommend Paul to everybody looking to pass their test. Definitely worth the money.

Yana Lapshova

Cowplain 14/06/2013

A friend recommended Paul as an instructor. I found his professional and friendly manner put me at ease, and kept me focused throughout the lessons. Considering how nervous I was being 32 years old and never before had an inclination to learn to drive, this was necessary! Always punctual and ready with advice to further improve my skills, any criticism was given in a constructive way to ensure I remained a safe and positive driver. I passed my driving test first time thanks to Paul. A couple of weeks later I booked a motorway driving lesson which boosted my confidence in general (I had not bought a car at this point, so had not been driving) as well as improving my awareness and anticipation. I have been recommending Paul as an Instructor to anyone I know who would like to learn to drive !

Liam Burke

Portsmouth 02/06/2013

I started to learn to drive with Paul 3 days after my 17th birthday. Although at first I was nervous to drive, Paul was very professional and safety conscious which put my mind at ease. I found the welcome pack that was given to me on my first lesson very useful to read over the previous lessons and to practice for my theory test, which I passed first time. Unfortunately, I did not pass my driving test first time due to nerves and some silly mistakes, but I did pass the second time after Paul reassured me that I was capable of passing my test and we talked over where I had gone wrong. After I passed my test I booked a motorway driving lesson with Paul, which I would highly recommend to other new drivers as I gained valuable confidence and knowledge of which I would not have had without this lesson. After recommending Paul to a friend she is now progressing towards passing her test, and my brother will be learning with Paul after his 17th birthday.

Jade Warren

Portsmouth 18/03/2013

I started driving lessons with Paul not long after my 17th birthday. I have to say I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of road safety and the car. I found the starter pack particularly useful when taking my theory test and preparing for my practical test. It explains the knowledge needed to take and pass both tests which is a necessity when learning a new skill. Paul was my first and only driving instructor and I never changed because I knew the guidance and teaching I was being given was of a higher standard than other driving schools. I recommended a friend to Paul and he is well on his way to taking his test. Paul’s approach to teaching is informative and fair. He praises good driving and will pick up on mistakes made and tell you step by step how it could have been improved to ensure it doesn’t happen again. I would 100% recommend Paul to anyone learning to drive be it if they were beginners or moving from another driving school. Top driving instructor.

Alex Oakley

Portsmouth 10/03/2013

I learnt to drive with Paul. His lessons are relaxed, fun, and informative, and each week I came away looking forward to the next lesson. I was a bit nervous at first as I am 32 and had never attempted to learn to drive before but thanks to his guidance I passed my test on my first attempt!  Paul’s approach is very professional, letting you know when you do well and informing you of your mistakes without yelling at you and instructing  the correct technique / method to correct the mistakes . I recommended him to a friend who had problems with her previous instructor and after building her confidence up she is also about to take her test. I cannot recommend Paul enough as a driving instructor. He will not just get you through your test, he will get you to enjoy driving and prepare you for the real test after you pass. EXCELLENT DRIVING INSTRUCTOR!

Itziar Casamayor

Portsmouth 20/01/2013

After finding Paul's website on Google whilst looking for local driving schools, I started lessons in August 2011. I didn't pass first time due to missing a blind spot check during a manoeuvre, something Paul had mentioned during the practice moments before the test. I passed on my second attempt with two minors in March 2012. Paul is a perfectionist and teaches all the skills needed to drive safely, not just to pass the test. I was Paul’s pupil for his DSA check test for which he scored highly so I know his standard of instruction is good . Overall it was an enjoyable learning experience. Highly recommended to all!

Steve Sandwell

Horndean 29/04/2012

I started my lessons with Paul around March 2011, when recommended by a friend after experiencing unsuccessful driving lessons with a different driving school. Since I started with Paul, my driving skills increased by a large amount, he was extremely patient and very supportive. He was always on time for the lessons, Paul has made me feel so much more confident about myself and my driving.  I passed my test first time, which I don’t think I could of done without Paul's help!

Cary's Cook

Cowplain 08/01/2012

I started my lessons with Paul in January 2011, unlike most I found his website randomly via Google and his current testimonials immediately grabbed my eye. He was my 3rd driving instructor, as I found the 2 previous 'big company' instructors were ripping me off and teaching me the improper way. Paul taught me how to drive correctly, safely and confidently. I was so confident in just hours after passing my test I was on the motorway heading up towards Swindon. Unfortunately I cannot say I passed 1st time, my first attempt I got a 'silly' serious with a wrong lane approach on a roundabout. However with this weakness identified, we worked on this and 2 weeks later I retook my test and passed with only 2 minors! Overall, if anyone is looking for reliable, safe, proud driving instructor; then Paul is your guy!

Ben Oakley

Portsmouth 13/06/2011

I started my driving lessons with Paul last year after Paul had taught my step Daughter to drive.
Paul Took time to explain every aspect of driving to me in a patient, calm and enjoyable way during my time learning with him. I feel that I am confident and safe on the roads after learning to drive and passing my driving test with Paul. He is very Profesional in his approach but at the same time making the lessons enjoyable! I would recommend Paul to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. Paul  is now Teaching my other step Daughter 

Maria Clark

Portsmouth 17/01/2011

I started my driving lessons a bit later in life, As soon as i started my driving lessons with Paul he said if I didn't understand anything to just ask, however silly it may seem! (which was good because I did ) . I had a lot of fun on my driving lessons as he has a good sense of humour & is  very patient and Professional. I learnt a lot about safe driving & the Highway Code and road craft: I passed my driving test first time and I can’t thank Paul enough, I was so nervous, but he explained things to me and put me at ease! I miss my driving lessons because I had such a good time as well as learning !if your thinking of taking driving lessons I would definitely recommend Paul!

Jenny Gorge

Cowplain 11/08/2010

I started Having Driving lessons with Paul Reseigh last year. My driving with Paul was very pleasant and professional and I would recommend Paul to anybody who's looking to become a good, safe driver and also to enjoy their driving experience which I certainly did! Thanks to Paul I passed my driving test first time !! Paul not only taught me to pass my driving test but also to be a safe and considerate driver for life ,I am also taking full advantage of the Pass Plus scheme that Paul offers to even further adapt my skills and become an even safer driver.        
Many Thanks Paul!

Adam Toth

Portsmouth 22/05/2010

My name is Sam Wallace. I started Driving when i was 17 on the 22/11/2008. I did not start my Driving lessons with Paul Reseigh, I started with a different instructor. I had attempted 2 tests and not passed.I then changed driving instructors on recomendation from a friend to Paul. Paul opened my eyes into how I should drive and what driving was about. He gave me a Driving assesment and identified my weakness and strengths on my first lesson with him and told me that I should not have taken a test. I then had 15, 1 hour lessons with Paul and he taught me how to drive correctly and explained to me the reasons for what we were doing and explained why He was teaching me in this way! Paul then told me I had attained the correct standard of driving , And told me to put in for my test assuring me that i would pass!! Even though I was very nervous I passed my Driving test with only one Minor Driving fault !! 

I would recomend Paul Reseigh to anyone who is looking to get their driving licence , Paul also made my lessons an enjoyable experiance ! Thanks Paul.

Sam Wallace

Portsmouth 22/05/2010

I took my driving lessons with Mr Reseigh and I enjoyed every single one of them.  He was very supportive and helpful, and planned the objectives of the lesson so I knew what I had to achieve. Also, if I made a mistake we went through it until we corrected it, but with a sense of improvement rather than pushing. I have recommended him to my friends and I will carry on doing so, because my experience of learning to drive was highly positive, constructive and encouraging.

Mrs E Munoz

Southsea 05/05/2010

I am a Chilean lawyer, doing my PhD at the University of Portsmouth.
I knew about Paul by word of mouth -the way he prefers to be known.
In my country I held a driving license and was an active driver for 9 years. However, I stopped driving for 5 years while living abroad.
I realized how tough the driving tests are in England and decided to have lessons with Paul. 
He immediately understood the main aspects to enforce in my driving; first of all, the regaining of confidence and, second, how to deal with the rules and style of driving in England. 
I would like to emphasize that Paul also understood my personality: I’m a very strict person in all areas of life. He helped me to relax when the case arose; but, at the same time, he kept the standards very high at all times. The choice I made was correct since I passed the practical test without any fault, I’m glad to say. 
If I should summarize my sincere opinion about Paul Reseigh, I would state that: He is the right person for people searching for a serious, reliable and affable instructor.

Lorena Carvajal

Portsmouth 05/05/2010

I started to learn to drive with Paul straight after my 17th birthday. I was nervous but Paul put me at ease immediately and built my confidence rapidly. Paul was very professional and was always on time for my lessons and well prepared.  Paul taught me the skills I needed to drive safely. After passing my test I did the Pass Plus with Paul which was an invaluable experience!!

Tom Sceal

Cowplain 02/02/2010

I started having lessons with Paul last year after a personal recommendation. I had started having lessons before with a well known UK driving school; however I was not happy with the quality of the instruction and pressure to make progress quickly; this made me uneasy about learning. With Paul, I was instantly put at ease by his teaching style, which emphasized both on the theory side first, for the ground work, and then the practical application of this for driving.  His calm and professional manner whilst teaching allowed me to make good progress whilst learning but also felt in a safe and controlled environment. I feel that one of his best qualities in his instruction was not just to instruct me in the ‘bare basics’ needed to past my driving test but he went beyond this to make sure I learnt the skills to become a safe and confident driver for life. This included a lesson during the heavy snowfall earlier this year to teach me how to drive in these conditions. Through his excellent instruction I was able to pass my driving test first time. I would recommend Paul to anyone thinking about learning to drive without a second thought.

Matthew Carter

Portsmouth 02/02/2010

I have been thoroughly impressed with Paul’s driving tutoring. He sets a very high standard for his pupils and always expects them to follow it accordingly. He teaches his students not just to pass a driving test, but to drive safely and sensibly for the rest of their lives. When starting out, I was eased into driving as I had no previous experience behind the wheel of a car. Even though I was very slow to progress, Paul was patient with me and always went to great efforts to explain every aspect of driving to in great detail. I now feel very capable when I’m out driving with my parents as Paul has prepared me well for driving without his guidance. Even though my driving skills have generally improved greatly, Paul is determined to iron out any kinks I have remaining so I have perfected my skills before I book my driving test. I believe Paul is a great instructor who has been a massive influence in teaching me how to drive appropriately in all circumstances, and I am confident I will become an accomplished driver under his tutelage.

Josh Atkins

Portsmouth 20/12/2009

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